Saturday, September 17, 2011

What is Life, if full of care...

...We don't have time to sit and stare? Exactly what I am doing as I struggle to write upbeat news. For all the followers of the Kodi saga, he is slightly better. After three days of incredible testing from the doggie internist and much indignities to him the results show nothing wrong. His bones, parts, and disposition are like that of a much younger character. So for the last two days we are going on the assumption that there is pain somewhere undiscovered which in dogs causes their tummies to cramp and appetite stop. Now treating him with heavy pain medication and that seems to help a little.
Thursday afternoon some kind of beeping started in my house like the warning a battery was going dead. Haven't we all experienced that? It seemed to move around. In desperation I disabled every smoke alarm in the house (now restored) and looked in every cubby hole before I found it was my cell phone in my purse. During that frantic search I looked in the furnace room, a place I seldom go, and found large water stains on the ceiling. Calling the installer of my thirty-year guaranteed roof that is just ten years old I found they are out of business, like so many other small companies. Another victim of the economy no doubt. So Monday I start the search for a new roofer. Tut.
The carpenters that are refinishing my kitchen cabinets are still AWOL. Maybe they will start Monday but I'm not holding my breath. Meanwhile I'm surviving on two plates, two spoons, etc. as the rest of the kitchen is in boxes in the living room.
On the positive side the photo above shows me holding court last Sunday in Emily's
garden where my new art group, Different Dimensions, had their first show. It was lots of fun for all and the income will help offset a few of the vet bills.

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Beth said...

lovely photo, and I'm glad Kodi is finding some relief. You certainly have a full (paper)plate of challenges these days. Yes the art show was wonderful!!