Friday, September 23, 2011

The Great Reveal

Astrological fall is dawning today and some piece of out of orbit space debris is falling too, maybe in Chile. Ditto the stock market, down down. On Cathy Lane the kitchen cabinet doors have come off their hinges and are stacked on the deck in preparation for stripping. Next Tuesday the roofers will come and tear down part of the roof to find some leaks. Bonnie meanwhile is often down on her hands and knees tempting my appetite deficient dog with hand fed tidbits like fresh salmon and grilled chicken thighs.
Whatever it takes, I say.
How amusing to view the exposed contents of my kitchen. I had no idea I had six outdated cans of green beans, three boxes of outdated cold cereal (bought for various house guests) and so many duplicates on spices. Having abstained from alcohol for three decades why am I keeping those dusty cocktail glasses? On a top shelf I found 24 mini packets of sour skittles bought for some Halloween years ago. I can see a big purge is in order. Any volunteers?

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Beth said...

Just think, you won't have to do Spring cleaning, it'll already by done