Saturday, July 23, 2011

Whats on the front burner

Thanks for the many thoughtful notes I got last week about trust. The kitchen remodelling project is still in limbo. Meanwhile, so many other strange things have happened this week I can't decide what to focus on. In general I'm feeling stronger and more flexible. My only physical complaint is I seem to have poison oak or some other allergy in my eyes. Annoying, but as the Minnesotans say, it could be worse. Its wonderful what five or six days a week of pilates classes will do for an old timer. Hope my commitment has steel girders.
Yesterday to my pleasure had a visit with Stephanie visiting from London. (Steph was Lee's caregiver the last four years of her life). She looks wonderful and her stories of UK living are so enlightening to one who has never travelled there. To my delight Kodi remembered her well and could still do a high five, a trick she taught him about seven years ago. Steph sports a new piece of body art on her right arm which Steph designed but even she agrees it looks remarkably like Kodi.

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