Friday, March 18, 2011

Emotional Reprieve

I skipped Rob’s funeral on Wednesday to attend Bouquet’s to Art at the DeYoung Museum in San Francisco. He would have approved of my decision I know. This year’s show was breathtaking, inspiring, blasting with creativity as always. Somehow the cosmic Gods were with us: the Bay bridge, usually jammed at the commute hour, was smooth and welcoming. To my shock we arrived at Golden Gate Park 45 minutes early, and found street parking generous. Before the museum opened we watched a Japanese Tai Chi Master lead a solemn group on the lawn. The timing was touching, as our hearts were hurting with the trauma going on concurrently in Northern Japan. My companion on this art trek was my good friend Jan Matsuoka. Jan has family in Japan. She is as smitten with flowers as am I. After the show we had a yummy vegetarian lunch at Green’s, gazing at the Golden Gate between bites. The chocolate cake was the best! It was so good for us both to have a day of serenity and reprieve from what is going on in the world. .

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