Saturday, April 9, 2016

Comes Change

An unseasonal and significant rain has descended in the night and this morning the new limbs on the Japanese maple in my back yard are  bumping their arms on the  ground. Yesterday on the way to the Art Board meeting (where I declined, reluctantly,  to serve another term)  I snapped these pictures of a pink dogwood making an enormous statement.  I imagine it looks dejected and weather beaten today today.
Change comes when we least expect it. Last Tuesday seeing a new opthamologist I got shocking and scary news about my eyes. Seems I have vitelliform dystrophy, quite advanced in the left eye. It is a genetic disease caused by lack of nutrition to the macula, not macular degeneration but in the same family. (How can anyone as well rounded as me be lacking in nutrition?) Im taking special eye vitamins now to try to slow the process. The condition has not affected my vision so far, but I could loose the vision in the left eye in a twinkling. Then on Thursday I got unexpected good news about my heart. Seems that when one has had a pacemaker and an ablation there is a tendency for the heart muscle to get lazy at pumping Well, mine isn't. Yeah. I guess life is always full of checks and balances. Certainly nature is .

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Jan Hagan said...

Looks like your medical conditions are taking their time making the rounds within your body. So glad the heart is doing ok, seems like the eye (with vitamins) may make it too. Fingers crossed. The pink dogwoods are wonderful. Just ordered and received a regular dogwood and a pink one and they threw in a maple tree also. They were frozen until shipping, and after 2 weeks are beginning to show some active buds. Surprisingly they are all about 3 feet tall. Should be fun to watch and photograph.