Saturday, August 22, 2015

Anchor Baby

After Trump is elected I guess I will be deported to Canada, since my mother and sister were illegal residents at the time I was born in Seattle 85 years ago, my mother having somehow crossed the border with my sister when my sister was two or three. Somehow I don't think she was among Canada's worst criminals or rapists. My sis is deceased now but I'm wondering:
"Does that mean that my sister's four living children and ten grandchildren will be deported with me?" Somehow I don't think I'm up for the weather in Moosejaw, Sask. but Vancouver and Victoria are lovely, and almost no one carries weapons. Gasoline costs more, but there are no commercials on television. I've proposed to my niece Cheari that we buy a big house straddling the British Columbia border (before the fence is built) and she and I can sleep on the BC side while her husband catches his z's on the Washington side. She agrees. And since the West Coast is warming at such a rapid pace, within a few years our land will be producing pineapples and oranges. Come join us


Jan Hagan said...

Pineapples and a warm ocean on the west coast? Might just have to join you!

Beth said...

Bonnie, this blog is piercingly hilarious. Indeed, that scenario sounds exactly what Trump is spouting.
You could send it to the Santa Rosa paper & I bet they would publish it on the editorial page as a pithy letter.
By the way, if you are deported, I promise to come rescue you and bring you back, that is, if you want to come back to the good ol' USA!!!! Otherwise, I'll just come visit. Deal?