Friday, July 12, 2013

Celebration and Elation

Eighty-three year. Egads. What fun. Last Sunday my dear housekeeper Kelly surprised me with a special birthday cake from a fancy French bakery here in Santa Rosa. It must have been superb because there was only one piece left after my fifteen house guests left.  I had it for breakfast Monday morning along with other leftovers including two chocolate dipped strawberries.  Yum.
Checking the scale Tuesday I groaned and determined to reenroll in Weight Watchers, which I did Thursday. Like life, the scale goes up and down, often but not always by one's own efforts.
The supreme court decisions re DOMA and Prop 8 are affecting so many lives, including many in my lesbian family. For some its a complicated decision with multiple legal and tax implications. Old friends Gayle and Marilyn who will celebrate their 20th anniversary in December spontaneously decided to marry and last night at Rainbow Women a lesbian couple who have been together for 47 years announced their marriage right here on the site..
I don't envy the CPA's and tax preparers who are going to have to figure all this out come tax time next year.  It makes me wonder if Lee and I would have done the same, although neither of us would have expected same sex marriage to be legal in our lifetimes.
Below are pictures from Sunday: the new gang of friends at my potluck, neighbor and good new friend Joyce and I, and old friend Jennifer Chandler (just back from Bhutan) and the birthday girl.

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