Saturday, March 30, 2013

Noxious weeds and thoughts

Catching the wild mustard at its peak is  a feat I have yet to accomplish, though I have been trying this past week. Finding a spot to pull off and photograph is a challenge. Whish, and the chance is gone. One waits for the next curve of beauty, but the cars behind show no leniency.

I see I should have started a week earlier, as the growth is already turning to green.  At first blush it is stunning in the vineyards, but very soon the farmers use sheep to weed the rows of the noxious growth and I miss my opportunity.
At any rate my mind has been torn between the wild mustard and the Supreme Court hearings. I surmise they have nothing in common, except the conservative jurors are noxious, too.
"Skim-milk marriage" is a perfect description of the federal benefits denied same sex couples.  Bless Ginsberg, and I hope this comment from an 80 year old weighing less than 100 pounds who can do 20 push-ups lives on in history. Sadly. when I asked the question yesterday at my current events group here, (a pretty astute group) how many thought the court would throw it back to the states in June, two thirds raised their hands.

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