Thursday, January 12, 2012

Funny Bucket List Story

Two weeks ago I mentioned bucket lists and my lack thereof. Its almost the middle of the new year and I still score zero on both resolutions and bucket list items. So I've been interviewing friends and decided Sue and Jeanne's story was simply too funny not to share.
I'm lucky to have visited Alaska on vacation once, but it was a very warm summer. Imagine! It happened to be 90 when we hit Fairbanks. Sue and Jeanne's experience was the polar opposite. Changing planes at SeaTac, they had packed a Thanksgiving Day picnic lunch to eat in the airport lounge with their friends Leslie and Renee. So far so good. Of course it was totally black out when they arrived in Fairbanks. Still they were able to rent a Ford Expedition and locate their digs, a lodge called Taste of Alaska, which they hold in high esteem. Venturing out the next day to find the Northern Lights they were quickly pulled over by a police car. It seems they had their headlights on high. Trooper Rick warned them and asked where they were going anyway. Clearly these old ladies were bewildered but intent on something.
When they said they were driving all over looking for the aurorea borealis he suggested politely they look out their rear window. A rainbow sky was right there. Chagrined, they turned the car around and followed his instructions to a nice turn out spot. The sky was ablaze. In the excitement they jumped out, leaving the motor running but locking the doors. One passenger only had on a sweater but one of the party had a cell phone. The 9-1-1 operator hardly believed them that it was an emergency but eventually agreed to send help. In a few minutes who comes driving up but Ranger Rick. He shook his head and then bundled them up with blankets in his own patrol car while they waited for the locksmith. It was a dramatic beginning to wonderful adventure.

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Anonymous said...

This is too funny. Amazing how much fun it is to feel stupid when you have a friend to share it with.
lovely story.