Friday, April 29, 2011

Things That Go UP and DOWN

Like many around the world I've been up in the wee hours viewing the royal wedding. Like Kate (who prefers Catherine but nobody seems to respect that) I wonder what the future will bring? The terrible tornados hitting the south seem to have taken second fiddle in the news and if I lived in Alabama I think I'd be very resentful. Likewise, though I am half English, I resent the fact that if the newliweds have a girl child first the English laws of progeny will prevent her from taking the throne. Tsk Tsk.
I recently wrote about the implosion of the Naval Hospital down the hill from me. Now in the distance I feel sadness as I see just a pile of concrete. However its hard to frown for long because my garden has exploded with color in the last week. Our unusual spring weather has made the iris and roses explode. I've been so excited about it I've been entertaining a lot (Easter, May Day, etc.) This morning I had a serious conversation with the gopher who has his eye on the flower bed right outside my study window. I found one iris laying flat on its side, stalk chewed off. I explained that there was plenty for both of us as long as he didn't invite his cousins, but I'm not sure he understands English any more that I understand the monarchy. I took the photos above between the replays of the exchange of vows in Westminster Abbey.

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