Friday, January 14, 2011

Shall We Play?

Previously I shared that one of my goals in art (and life) was to be more playful in 2011. Easier said than…, as the expression goes. I find its not exactly something I can will myself to do, for if will were the source I would have accomplished it a while ago. It seems I am not short on will, which is synonymous for stubbornness in my book. On the other hand, I am short on patience. Spontaneity seems like the open door to the process. Kittens, puppies and little kids have no trouble being playful. But me? I think I was never that way even at two. Somehow I got shorted on the playful gene. It was somewhat easier when Lee was alive. Without a loved one to grin and celebrate one’s uninhibited behavior the effort seems to lack motivation.

Once, about forty years ago, at a fund-raiser for JFK University, I bought a ticket to have face painting. What possessed me! First the artist covered my whole face with white paint. Then she drew exotic designs on both eyes and cheeks. Then she added symbols and cerulean color around the eyes, The result was gorgeous and transforming. I felt silly, delighted, and tickled. It was me but not me. Yearning to share my delight, I was annoyed to discover all my friends had gone home. Rats! This transformation had to be shared. So as I drove home in my little VW bug I slowed down passing every house of friends. To my dismay everyone’s lights were out already.

Even when I got home I found Lee asleep. But this was too good not to share. So with a gleeful shout and much posturing I switched on the overhead bedroom lights all the while dancing around the footboard. Lee screamed then laughed and laughed.

It was hard to finally go to bed, and I ended up not removing any of the face painting and tried to sleep on my back without disturbing the facial art. Such a fun memory.

I adore playful people. Who doesn’t? Being with them is such fun.

So this week with my water-color buddies I took a three day painting class, determined to be uninhibited. Despite my intentionality it wasn’t until the third day I began to feel playful. Perhaps playfulness is a left-brained thing and it takes that long for my factually stuffed brain to make the transition or to bypass performance expectations?

I surely invite your ideas on how to accomplish this. The year is still young so I have plenty of time to experiment.

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Molly McKenzie said...

Bonnie, the collage you did with Nancy is surely playful...I think you've found a way to playfulness!! I know that's why I'm enjoying it so rules, paper, little bits, big bit, glue,!