Thursday, July 29, 2010

How Lucky Am I!

Yesterday Jackie Grandchamps (Jac to me) dropped by  for a visit, before returning to France today to continue leading French Escapade Tours in Europe.  
Over forty years her senior in age, I can't imagine what Jac appreciates in pokey octogenarian me.  But whatever it is, I have gratitude for it. I have been blessed to be on three European trips with her; twice to the Rhone Alps, and once to Belgium.   She never fails to wrap her arms and her spirits around me, to encourage my painting, and generally to add zest to my life.  This week she brought her house guests as well, two women working at the American school in Shanghai, who really live in New Zealand, but who Jac knows from Malaysia. They were delightful as well.  
I adore Jac's stories, her accent, her laughter, and her personality, but most of all I treasure her friendship.  How lucky am I.
In my lifetime I have not travelled much in Europe, so she is a great source of education for me.  
I did this painting a couple of years ago from a snapshot taken in the farm house in the Rhone Alps.  She is much cuter than this, but perhaps you can sense my caring.  

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jgrandchamps said...

Thank you so much Bonnie. That is very sweet of you. You should not diminish yourself. There is a lot to love about you and age doesn't matter. You are a very kind, funny, interesting person. What's not to like?
I will visit you once I am back from France but I don't know when it will be.