Thursday, June 10, 2010

Good Fortune Comes Knocking

What a week for me!  On Tuesday I went to Alta Bates for a routine cholonoscopy/endoscopy because of my low iron, which is routine for me.  Of course I was exhausted from the prep, but that is normal.  As they were ready to start the procedure they discovered I was in atrial fibrillation, so it was an exciting day, spent in the ER as it turned out, as they had no beds in Cardiology.  They tried to stabilize me with drugs, but that failed.  Finally about 3, which is just when a bed became available, I self-regulated.  So I got to come home at 4, and count my little blessings!  Many heart tests to follow, but they suspect I may have been going in and out of rhythm for a while, and it was just coincidence they caught it.  I feel fine, except weary. A happy ending.  So here’s another story happening right now with a good ending:

How fortunate I am to have a friend of almost fifty years (coincidently also named Bonnie).  Since my friend is a few years older, we always refer to one another as Bonnie Sr. and Bonnie Jr. Unlike me Bonnie Sr. has the voice of a nightingale. In her youth she sang professionally with the Hormel Girls, an all girls chorus and orchestra that traveled around the country following  the 2nd World War, promoting Spam and patriotism.  It was originally a drum and bugle corps, made up with ex service women. Bonnie sang with them between '51 and '53.

Currently she sings for a hobby at her church and other volunteer events, and from time to time she does a special rendition for me.  When she sings at the Montclair Women’s Club, which she will next week, she stays with me and we rehash old times, as friends of such long standing will do. Once hearing her sing, one always remembers the passion and tenderness of her heart.

Last week Bonnie Sr. called from her lovely home in Sunnyvale, on the verge of tears.  I could hear a desperation in her voice. It seems four baby raccoons had been abandoned in her large, fenced back yard.  Very little babies, about nine inches long.  Their mother must have carried them in somehow, over the fence, and then been killed, for they were clearly abandoned and starving.  Bonnie had spent hours calling the police and various services but could find no one to help.  Their pitiful cries were breaking Bonnie’s tender heart, and they were putting their little paws up against her sliding glass bedroom door, and chittering piteously.  For a long while Bonnie could not find a single organization that would come and help her. 

Finally a volunteer from a group called Wildlife Control came to the rescue, and eventually the babies were saved.  They have been given shots by a vet, and will be cared for until they are ready to be released to the wilderness.  I’m going to be sure and send them a donation later in the year.  Another happy ending! 




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